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Lancer Football

Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer 

The Lancers have been led by Head Coach Lauzon since 2014. They won the Division 1, Central Conference in it's initial season, in 2022, and have won the South Conference in the prior four seasons. They have made seven straight playoff appearances making it to the State Championship game four times in the past five seasons, and winning two in 2019 (12-0) and in 2021 (11-1).

The groundwork for the recent success was set well beforehand as the Lancers inched further and further over several years in order to help push the 2019 team to the program’s first title in 21 years. The program prides itself on hard work and preparation both in and out of season. The Lancer players are dedicated to the Lancer Power program designed by their strength & conditioning coach, Michelle Hart-Miller. The Lancers have been fortunate to send 33 players to play college football over the last eight years with hopes for that number to continue to grow in the future. Londonderry football is striving for a seventh straight playoff appearance this season.


2019 State Champions

2021 State Champions