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Double Sessions Info from Coach Lauzon

Londonderry Football 2019

Please note the following for double sessions:

Players will be informed of any changes made to the schedule. Things may change because of unforeseen circumstances; we anticipate the players will relay the changes to their parents.

Arrival time- if players are late, we will start the team meeting the following day 30min earlier.

Attendance- practices are not optional. Rides should be planned beforehand. Dentist and doctor appointments should be scheduled around practice time. If players cannot practice because of an injury or illness, please see Michelle Hart-Miller. We still expect players at practice, unless she suggests otherwise, Michelle will give clearance if they can participate.

Cell Phones- players can leave their phone in their locker and can check their phone as they see necessary, but they will not have their phones during team time. If there is an emergency, parents can call my cell phone 603-703-3277 or Londonderry High School.

Players will be given a water and a breakfast bar before practice; We suggest players try to eat before coming to football every day.

Please note the following for the football season:

Playing time- as mentioned at the parent-player meeting, playing time is based on Effort, Attitude, Execution, and Consistency. We ask that all parents keep an open mind to playing time, every player’s role on this team is important regardless of the minutes they play on game day. A player’s high school football experience should be based on being a part of the team, not how many minutes they play. We as coaches work diligently to put the players in the best position for the team to succeed, we base our decisions off what we see from the players in practice and have seen during summer sessions. We evaluate practice and game film; we take all factors into consideration and we try to make the best decision for the team and program. Our lineups change during the season, so improvement throughout the season is significant.

Dress List- not all players will make the Varsity dress list for game nights. The Varsity dress list is made up of the top two groups on offense, defense, and special teams. We will add JV players to the dress list based on their effort in practice. All seniors will dress.

Saturdays during the season will be a game or practice day. There will be Varsity games, JV games, Varsity lift/film sessions, and possibly a walk-through to prepare for the next week. We ask that all players make sure that they are available on Saturdays during the season, at least through the morning time. We would suggest players avoid getting any Saturday detentions. College visits, work, and traveling will have to take place in the afternoon. SATs are the only excused absence on a Saturday. Please plan accordingly, as this has been an issue in the past.

Hudl- all players will have access to film and our playbook on Hudl. They can watch their practice film, game film, and opponents’ film. We will make notes on the film for players to check. Along with our playbook, there are hundreds of play examples for them to watch and learn from.

Fundraising- we hope all players will do their best to fundraise for the program. We are very fortunate to be able to supply our players with everything they need, and more. Our program goes above and beyond to make sure the players have the best equipment, gear, and supplies every year. This is all due to fundraising. Our Lancer Cards are not difficult to sell within the community. Our fundraiser will go from Aug 15th- Aug 30th  Players will be given 20 cards.

If you have questions going forward please contact Cathy Tsetsilas or Tara McAlister, both have been with the program for several years and should be able to assist in answering any questions.  


**The daily breakdown for doubles session information sheet is located under the infomation tab/documents.  


Aug 15th Team Meeting 6-7pm in the wrestling room of the athletic building


Players must have

Registered on Family ID

Emergency card filled out

Locks for locker

Completed impact testing if needed

Permission slip for movie during double sessions


Players will receive

20 Lancer Cards

Hudl access for film

Spirit Packs if ordered and have not received already

Team Picture Forms



Hello Lancer football families!


Interested in being part of the team of photographers this season?


Send me an email   and tell us which team you are interested in photographing! (Freshman, JV or Varsity).


In order to maintain control of the sidelines for all football games, the Athletic Department is requiring the LLGC to assign two photographers for each of the three football teams (Freshman, JV and Varsity). These photographers will be the only photographers allowed on the field along the sidelines during games. There will be a rotation of photographers so that everyone has the opportunity to participate. The LLGC will continue to include images of as many of the players and teams as possible as well as provide a site to host all pictures for membership.


Thank you

Ana Arnaiz

(LLGC Social Media Coordinator)

Instagram: @Lancer_gridiron
Twitter: @LLgridiron



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